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How to get to the Finnish Archipelago

Only two hours from Helsinki and thirty minutes from Turku, we're right here waiting for you.

Looking for things to do?

Join us on a journey of endless sunsets, beautiful nature, and experiences on land and out at sea.

A kayak during sunset in winter
Nature lovers and outdoor adventurers will find the Finnish Archipelago offers endless opportunities for exploring Finland's unspoiled nature. Year-'round activities includes hiking, sunset-catching and food.

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Get inspired by the farthest reaches of Finland's archipelago every day

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Oh the delightful smell of homemade cinnamon buns ❤️ 
These ones baked on the island of Brännskär, thanks to @livingarchipelago for sharing this reel!
Moving into March, winter is slowly starting to give way to spring but there are still some beautiful snowy landscapes to be enjoyed such as this one on Aspö in the outer archipelago.

📷 Minna Kattelus
For each day that passes, the days get a little bit longer as we move towards spring ☀️
Last weekend marked the second and final round of the presidential election in Finland. When you live on the outer islands of the archipelago, voting looks a bit different than on the mainland. Here, the polling station is brought to you on the connecting vessel and no matter the ice situation, here onboard M/s Houtskär operating on the Nauvo transverse route 🇫🇮
Happy Friends Day everyone! ❤️ In Finland, this day focuses on friendship instead of the romantic focus that Valentines Day usually has. So in Swedish we wish eachother ’glad vändag’ and in Finnish ’hyvää ystävänpäivää’, which both translate to happy friends day. 

Photo by Jyri Aerikkala
Rising above the treeline of Killingholm is the Lohm old pilot station. It was the gate between the inner and outer archipelago until it was closed down in 1990 and pilots were transferred to the Utö and Turku pilot stations instead. 
Still today the tower is a landmark that catches the interest of passersby!
The outer archipelago rarely gets frozen seas but this winter has been colder than usual which has meant ice as far out as Aspö, Jurmo and Utö. Pictured is the bay of Aspö covered with a thin sheet of ice, cracking into a  mosaic-like pattern when hit with waves from the ferry m/s Utö.
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