FAQ about the Finnish archipelago

Welcome to our Archipelago FAQ! In this FAQ, we will answer the most commonly asked questions about the Archipelago Trail,  including information on ferries, reservations, timetables, and more. We will also provide information on accommodation, dining options, and other practical information that will help you plan your trip to the Finnish archipelago. Our aim is to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
The Archipelago Trail is 250km long, of which 220km is for driving or cycling.
The Small Archipelago Trail is 120km long, of which 100km is for driving or cycling.
- Most ferries and connection ships are free of charge and operate in all seasons.
- However, there are some exceptions, such as the ferry m/s Antonia, which costs 10 EUR for adults and 5 EUR for children (4-11 y). Vehicle fares vary depending on the type of vehicle.
- The ferry m/s Östern also charges a fee, with adult tickets costing 8 EUR and child tickets costing 4 EUR. Again, vehicle fares vary depending on the type of vehicle.
No, it is not possible to make reservations for the ferries that operate the Archipelago Trail and the Archipelago Road. However, if you travel to the outer archipelago on a connection ship, you may need to notify the ferry in advance of your travel details.
The frequency of ferry schedules varies depending on the route and the time of day. There are frequent departures on most routes, with some operating every 15-20 minutes during peak hours.
- The archipelago is open year-round, with grocery stores and restaurants open in the village centres on the main islands.
- We recommend booking your accommodation in advance, especially during the summer period, when there are more visitors to the area.
No, it is not necessary to bring a car to the outer archipelago, and on some ferries, it may not even be possible to take a car with you. Island hopping and biking routes are popular ways to explore the area.
You can take the m/s Östern, m/s Norrskär, or m/s Vidskär boats, but note that it's not allowed to take a car to Själö.
You can rent a bike from several places in the archipelago. Check out Carfield / Frank Tuominen at www.carfield.fi. However, note that there are cycle paths only partly in the archipelago.
There are two routes to get to Åland islands through the Finnish archipelago region:
- The Southern route (Korpo, Galtby – Kökar – Sottunga - Föglö – Långnäs)
- The Northern route (Kustavi, Vuosnainen (Osnäs) – Brändö, Åva - Brändö,Torsholma – Kumlinge – Lappo – Enklinge-Vårdö).
We recommend getting in touch with Visit Åland when you need help planning your route through the Åland islands.
Yes, you can take the m/s Norrskär boat from Turku, Aura River to Seili island and Nagu/Nauvo centre. Check the timetable and more information on Vitharuns website.
Angling and ice fishing are popular and free in Finland on lakes, ponds, and sea areas, but make sure that the water area is not protected before fishing. The Fisheries management fee is required for those between the ages of 18 and 64 who fish. If you're under 18 or over 65, you're allowed to fish using a single rod without payment of a fee or a permit in unrestricted water areas. Trolling with several rods per person requires a permit from the fishing right holder, and those using traps or catching crayfish must have a permit granted by the fishing right holder. You can pay the Fisheries management fee through the Eräluvat.fi service.
Ticks are prevalent in long grass and damp vegetation, including the archipelago. Although it is very unlikely to pick up a tick if you keep to the trail, we recommend that you conduct a tick check in the evening, especially if you've been in areas of lush vegetation, and bring tick tweezers with you on your journey.

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